Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book Review: Long Lost

I’m no sports guy, but I love Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar series. This is how he started he career writing about a smartass sports agent who has to solve crimes for his clients. After a handful of those Coben went onto stand-alone thrillers after the huge success of Tell No One. It has only been recently that Coben has been returning to Myron. Yet it doesn’t feel the same as it once was.

You can always count on Coben to be a strong plotter. He knows how to have a lot of fun twists scattered throughout and the pacing is always quick. In Long Lost Myron gets a call from a former lover asking him to meet her immediately in Paris. Unable to not help someone in need, Myron and his best friend Win cross an ocean and get caught up in an murder investigation. The whole story is compelling, but I was so disappointed the all of the humor painfully fell flat. The sarcastic jabs didn’t stick and there is a vaudeville like act involving the word Mee that became embarrassing after awhile. Myron and Win are still characters I want to revisit, but I hope Coben can find the same spark he had back in Deal Breaker and The Final Detail.

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