Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book Review: The Guinea Pig Diaries

Yes it’s true! I do occasionally read books that aren’t about mysteries or movies. I do have a little bit of range. I’m a sucker for lists or marathon projects. Thus, I’m a big fan of A.J. Jacobs. I don’t remember how I found Jacobs’ first book, The Know-It-All, where he decided to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. That book ended up being really funny and an interesting view on knowledge. I just recently found out he has two follow up books: The Year of Living Biblically and The Guinea Pig Diaries.

The first title is pretty self-explanatory; Jacobs spent an entire year attempting to follow every law in the Old and New Testament. The latter title is more of a grab bag. Instead of one long endeavor, Jacobs takes on mini-projects that change his day-to-day behavior. The experiments are always entertaining especially when he tries to be brutally honest or pose as a celebrity. Jacobs is a naturally funny guy and all of his books are constantly entertaining. These are some of the easiest books to recommend.

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