Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: Afraid

It’s no secret that Jack Kilborn is actually JA Konrath and if it was I’m very sorry for spoiling that for you. I mention this because I’ve noticed something different with his writing for the last two books. With Fuzzy Navel and his new horror book Afraid, he likes the amp up the pacing to an amazing degree. I’ve enjoyed the pacing of his previous books, but with these it’s like you need a five minute water break. 

In this novel, a helicopter crashes in a small town. Once you get beyond that bizarre concept, the book gets really good when we find out there is a team of programmed killers inside the chopper and they are going to cause hell in the town. Yes I thought the helicopter crash seemed out of place, but the programmed killers seemed acceptable. What follows is a hybrid of The Terminal Man, the Stephen King miniseries Storm of the Century and Fail Safe.  Also a much needed reminder that I ought to read more horror books; they are a lot of fun.

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