Monday, March 28, 2011

A Twitter Murder Mystery

Hello everybody,

I’m in a Pop Culture and Communication class and we were assigned a project to show the power and potential of Twitter. For my project, I decided to craft a murder mystery that will take place entirely through a real time Twitter feed.

Seven characters are going to a mansion for a dinner party when—what do you know—a murder takes place. Along with the host of the party, his surly butler, and the determined detective the crime will (probably) be solved.

You can follow along on Wednesday March 30th starting at 7PM EST. It will take place for about three hours.

There are two ways to watch all of the comedic action. Keep track of the hashtag #popclue. All of the tweets will have that tag.

Or you can follow all 10 characters which you can find at these links:

UPDATED: Another way to keep track of the story is to follow the list featuring all of these character:

This will be an entertaining experiment in telling a story with a new platform. There will be plenty of jokes and clues through the duration. The more people follow along the more fun it will be. So if you think this sounds good, please tell your friends to follow these accounts or the hashtag. (If you write about this, I would love to know.)

I hope to see you on Twitter this Wednesday at 7PM!

--Austin Lugar


  1. Austin,
    If you create a list in Twitter, then have that list follow all of your characters, you can aggregate all of the posts without your readers having to separately follow each one or use a hashtag (which may be then mimicked by spam bots). See the calcwars list by busynessgirl for an example of how this can work.

  2. A grand experiment!

    I blogged about it, which automatically went both to twitter and facebook, hope it gets you readers.

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea!

    Any chance you could please compile all of the tweets for those of us who missed the original Twittecast and are too lazy to click back and forth among all the different twitter accounts needed to read this story.

    Now following your blog

  4. Thanks for the follow!

    If you read from this list and keep scrolling to the bottom (avoid spoilers!) you can read from the beginning:!/AustinLugar/twitter-murder-mystery-2

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