Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review: Buffalo West Wing

Having a cozy set in the White House is an incredibly difficult task. Mixing the fun and lighter nature of the mystery juxtaposed with one of the most powerful and important places on the planet could lead to a clash in tone. With her fourth book in the series, Julie Hyzy continues to masterfully balance the two while maintaining intelligence and respect to both fields.

At the beginning of her latest entry, the White House is in the middle of transitioning for the new President. Ollie Paras is worried about whether or not the new First Family will leave her as Head Chef. Nothing is ever so easy for Ollie because a hostage crisis and poisoned chicken puts everybody on alert. Hyzy continues to shine with a series full of delightful characters as well as a really strong plot.

Hyzy does a good job about having the environment evolve as Ollie’s professional and romantic life continues to be in flux. While it is very unlikely Ollie will ever be completely separated from the White House, there are believable questions on what will happen to her next. The series also doesn’t stray away from examining how many times Ollie will be involved in a major political threats, but this plot remains organic and exciting. This is another strong edition of one of the most consistent series in the genre today.

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