Sunday, February 13, 2011

Film Yap: Enter the Void

With Enter the Void, writer/director Gasper Noé created something that is completely insane and completely brilliant. He created a film that encompasses what it means to transcend reality into a new mental plane. Following the existence of Oscar, a drug dealer living in Japan, means doing more than just telling a linear story.

The film seamlessly shifts from very personal POV shots to impersonal shots following a character where you only his back to ghostly observations as the camera floats high above the room. The camera moves through scenes and emotional creates some of the more shocking and intriguing images seen on film in many years.

Noé proves that plot and characters are not the only way to create an effective narrative. This is such a unique experience that many will find to be difficult and unsatisfying. This isn’t about getting towards the end of the film, but embracing it was a full collection of ideas. There will be many interpretations on some of the imagery including the frequent falling into pure colors, the repetitive nature of key events, and the most voyeuristic ending you can imagine. With answers may provide enlightenment, but without there is still this wonderful blend of tone and pure creativity.

What Noé has done cannot be overstated. He is the best cinematic magician since Georges Mélies. This movie shows his complete confidence in creating his vision by taking gigantic risks. This is an incredibly exciting movie that should be attempted by everyone. It should be seen in one viewing on a big screen preferably in the early hours of the morning.

These types of experimental films typically fail because of the visionaries behind them. Their ideas seem empty and unfulfilling but Noé established something profound, beautiful and definitely personal. There is still exciting things happening in the world of cinema.

The DVD includes deleted scenes (somehow). There is an unconventional look at the some of the VFX shots. They have also isolated the vortex sequences and a loop of the DMT scenes. There are also trailers and posters. There isn’t an explanation of anything by anyone involved or them showing how they did some of the tricks. They’re letting it speak for itself.

Film: 5 Yaps

Extras: 2 Yaps

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