Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review: Fault Line

I might as well say it up front: Barry Eisler is the man. His John Rain books have been escalating with popularity so it was a bit risky to now write a stand-alone. Yet Fault Line still delivers on many the aspects I like in his previous novels.  The story isn’t entirely groundbreaking, but still intriguing. An inventor in Silicon Valley has been killed and the only other one who knows about his new product is a lawyer named Alex Treven. Out of desperation he calls upon his estranged soldier brother, Ben. Together with another lawyer Sarah Hosseini they investigate this conspiracy.

Yet the novel still feels rather fresh because of what Eisler brings to it. The best parts of the novel are the interactions between these characters and how they differ emotionally and politically. There are very well established and never seems like Eisler is preaching his own opinion. They're no Rain/Delilah/Dox yet but I'm looking forward to another story with these three. As for this one the plot is tight and fast paced with very well written action scenes. Truly can’t go wrong with this thriller. 

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