Thursday, July 14, 2011

Film Yap: IIFF - Andante

Things I understood about the film “Andante”

--There is a world where there is one man left who dreams and he’s in a coma.

--There is a guy who edits dreams and there are screenings for them.

--I understood how characters felt about other characters. It was clear the editor had great affection for Sarah, distrust for others, etc.

--I understood themes it was going for concerning dreams and memory along with their impacts. I understand the parallels between dreams and filmmaking.

--I understood the director, Assaf Tager, is skilled in crafting a shot and establishing a tone. The set reminded me of “Metropolis” at times with its mechanical surroundings. He knew how to play with light and keep a strong, long shot.

--I understand the strengths of not having a movie that spoon-feeds the audience. Creating a confusing atmosphere can cause the viewers to concentrate more and then the results can be more rewarding and personal.

Things I didn’t understand about the film “Andante”

--The story

--What characters were trying to accomplish with the actions they were taking.

--Anything about the world. How it operated, why it is that way, what anything meant.

--The beginning

--The middle

--The end

--Why the dialog had to be so stilted

--What was going on in any given moment

--Why the movie worked so hard to isolate the audience so there is nothing to attach to despite the effort put in to form any sort of connection.

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