Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Film Yap: Frenemy

There’s a cliché about a certain type of scripts. They are the ones that seemed to be made when you’re in film school. Sadly that’s not a compliment. This has been an age of filmmakers that are strongly influenced by the former masters. Instead of being original voices, they become the echoes of others.

Frenemy has a quote on the back of the DVD box saying, “A DAVID LYNCH meets KEVIN SMITH style, with a dash of TARANTINO.” Yuck. First of all, that doesn’t exactly make sense and it definitely doesn’t fit with the movie. For about 75 minutes, two banal characters played by Matthew Modine (Weeds) and Callum Blue (Dead Like Me) walk around town and having some of the worst conversations in recent memory.

It’s so deep! They’re talking about fate and free will, good and evil, God and insomnia and blah blah blah blah blah. It’s not the subject matter, but how it’s written. The movie has no range so every character sounds exactly alike. Also it is the dumbest and simplest approach. It is an endurance contest every time they want to have a conversation, which constantly loops towards aggravating dribble. These lines are actually spoken at a (contrived) key moment: “Are you evil?” “Aren’t we all?”

Of course there is also violence, misogyny, and more disgusting acts that are romanticized and possibly even encouraged. It should probably also be noted that the title doesn’t make any sense. Also the director doesn’t know how to film dialog as he randomly incorporates 360 shots. That may just be his treat for the audience.

They run into very small supporting characters, which add nothing to the overall mess of nothing. Zach Galifianakis plays the owner of a porn shop. Even though his scene only lasts about ten minutes, Galifianakis is all over the DVD to trick you into thinking he’s the main character. There is also a Jerry Springer-esque talk show host whose show keeps intercutting the film. There lies the ultimate question of the movie. Which is easier to watch: obnoxious shouting or asinine pseudo-intellectual nonsense. Either way…

There are no bonus features. I apologize; there are English and Spanish subtitles.

Film: 1 Yap

Extras: N/A

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