Friday, March 12, 2010

And the Nominees Are...

I adore podcasts. I discovered them when I first got an iPod because there was this entire section of iTunes that was free. I love free! Then I discovered that not only were they free, but they were brilliant. Years later I’m not hooked on tons of podcasts like Filmspotting, The Hollywood Saloon, Battleship Pretension, God Loved Jacob, KCRW’s The Treatment, Nowhere in Mulberry, SModcast, This American Life and many more.

It comes as no surprise that I wanted to make my own. Along with my friends Keith Jackson and Kenny Jones (of The Reel Deal fame) we decided to make a podcast where we take on a difficult assignment. It's called And the Nominees Are. We are reviewing every single Best Picture nominee starting in 1927. Oh yeah.

That’s over 400 movies to review and it’s also a project that will not end until Hollywood decides to stop giving themselves awards. So never.

Our first three episodes are now online and I think they’re amusing. You may not have seen (or heard of) most of the movies we’re talking about but hopefully we approach them in a way that is inviting. You may not have seen a movie with Chester Morris, but now you’ll know how to make fun of him!

You find us on iTunes (Remember, for free!) and on Facebook and even on Twitter. We also have a website that is currently under construction. Soon it will be awesome and booming with a schedule of our upcoming shows. Please let us know how we’re doing and leave us a review on iTunes.

The next episodes will be up as soon as we can get to them. It usually takes us about two weeks to watch the five films and then to record our thoughts on them. Once we work out a proper schedule it’ll be up on our website.

I hope you like it!

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