Sunday, May 17, 2009

EARLY Review: The Strain

Is anyone else really impressed by Guillermo del Toro? The man has proven to be a real artist when it comes to films, but within the past year I think he hasn’t turned down a project. He is directing two Hobbit films and has six more films that he will either be directing or producing after that. Also he is co-writing a vampire trilogy. Seriously, this guy doesn’t sleep.

The Strain starts off this trilogy and, man, was it disappointing. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, I haven’t read much horror, but I have seen a bunch of horror movies. In fact this really seems to be the time for vampires. I enjoy the TV show True Blood and Let the Right One In was one of my favorite movies of last year. So I’m familiar with its mythology and how different people have modernly approached it. What The Strain does it brings it back to a more ancient lore, but it fails to have a great story around it.

The vampires themselves are really cool. (Look at my brilliant reviewing skillz.) They are an interesting new model that do serve as a scary and non sparklingly threat. It’s just unfortunate I didn’t care enough about the characters and the plot that surrounds them. There were just too many unmemorable characters and cliché situations.  That said, the opening sequence with the airplane has a great eerie and even cinematic vibe to it.

I’m not sure how this series will be approached or even where the trilogy plans on going from here. I’m just really disappointed I’m not looking forward to the next book at all.

The Strain comes out June 2nd

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