Thursday, February 19, 2009

Explaining LOST - The Little Prince

“The Little Prince”


So yeah, I’m late. I know, I know. Let’s just get down to work here. First off before I start the episode, I want to sadly admit something. I still have yet to read the book the episode title is based off of. I know! A book that I haven’t read AND it pertains to LOST? I ought to be taken out back and shot. From what I hear it actually does involve a part when six individuals need to get back to Earth but first a snake must die. Or something. I really ought to read it. Anywho…

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST…Oh look it’s Claire’s mom! Look at her talk about Aaron! Claire’s mom, Claire’s mom, Claire’s mom. Hope that doesn’t spoil any surprises.

Meanwhile flashback to 2005 right after the island moved. Jack and Kate decide to chat about Aaron. We find out that Kate was the one to make the decision to take him. I love Matthew Fox during this role because he has to care, but not care too much. For he doesn’t know it’s his nephew yet. So his focus is more on Kate in this scene and that is an important angle. He asks Kate if she’ll back him up and she says “I’ll always be with you.” Pardon my profanity, but BULLSHIT. There’s two fun games to play during LOST. 1) See how the character will avoid answering even the simplest direct question. 2) Guess how fast Kate will disobey Jack. “Don’t go into the jungle.” 5…4…There she goes! “Don’t come back for me Kate.” “No!” That didn’t even last a second. Also she had sex with Sawyer in a bear cage. So bullshit.

Three years later, Kate is still disobedient. She is looking all professional. Aaron shakes what looks like a jar of hot sauce. Kate, being the bizarre “mother”, pours it on his mac and cheese. What? Anywho, Kate leaves and Sun gets a package. Aaron is eyeing his destroyed lunch while Sun reads some boring looking documents. Sun skips ahead to the pictures and is shocked that Ben is now BFFs with Jack. Luckily she has some chocolates to cheer her up. Yet under it is a gun! Which would make that the heaviest box of chocolates ever!

This doesn’t matter for Faraday is upset. His beloved Charlotte is still bloody and passed out. Juliet and Sawyer are upset that Faraday won’t tell them what is wrong with Charlotte. He reveals that the flashes are throwing off the mental time clock.

Back to Kate. She has a meeting with that lawyer who wants Kate’s blood. I’ll just call him Dracula. Kate makes a deal. She’ll give you the blood samples if she can talk to the mysterious client. She says that’s more than reasonable. No. No it’s not. You are ordered by the court to give those blood samples. Legally speaking, that’s retarded. (The real way to legally speak that is in Latin, but I don’t know the word for “retarded.”) Dracula says he’ll tell his client but the answer is probably still no. Kate learns that she may lose her fake son. In terms of being fed, I’m sure Aaron is thrilled.

Back in Who Knows When, everyone is still freakin’ out about Charlotte. Locke says that they need to go to The Orchid (Time traveling bunnies) to possibly stop all of this madness. He says this may all stop if he brings them all back. Sawyer wonders how Locke knows that they’re alive. Locke says it doesn’t matter. I would love to ask him how that doesn’t matter, but I know he wouldn’t answer that either. Locke asks Sawyer with his wise man grin if he wants Kate to come back. Sawyer says it doesn’t matter what he wants. During the past few years Sawyer has becomes one of the most interesting conflicted characters on this show. I still say when he kills Locke’s dad is one of the best scenes on the show—Oh wait, Charlotte’s waking up. Oh no, she asked who Faraday is! Oh whew, she remembers. Just like WALL-E. Except without the time traveling seizures caused by exposure to the island’s powerful energy.  Anywho, Charlotte, despite being awake, doesn’t seem so good. Her eyes are bloodshot. I think she’s stoned. Sawyer decides to lead the group to the Orchid. 

Back in 2008, Jack gives this amazing line. “Sayid, you’ve been unconscious for over 42 hours. You had the equivalent of three doses of horse tranquilizers entered into your system.” What makes this even more amazing is that Sayid looks rather bored during this rant. Jack says Ben is on our side and Sayid thinks that’s just silly. I’m really glad the hospital is actually calling Jack out for doing this unregistered treatment. Yet Hurley calls Jack and gives this funny phone call about how he’s safe from Ben and he’s in jail. Meanwhile Sayid is chillin’ on his bed and this dude tries to shott him with darts. Sayid after being unconscious for 42 hours strangles the dud with an IV. Before he dies, the dude tells Sayid about the address in his pocket. Sayid proceeds to shoot him with the darts. Ben and Jack walk in and are shocked to see a dead body in the room with Sayid. At this point I don’t know why they were surprised, but whatever. They discover the address in the pocket is Kate’s. Uh oh.

Jack calls Kate and asks if she and Aaron are safe. She says that she is out of the house and Aaron is with Sun. Jack didn’t have time to pump fist the fact that another Oceanic 6 member is in town for he has to drive off to get Kate. Ben says that he’ll get Hurley. Sayid says no way José. Ben says please. Sayid says he’ll drive. Ben tells Jack to meet at the dock at slip 23 (LOST number). 

Back on the island, Sawyer wonders what Locke will tell Kate to convince her to return. They don’t have time to brainstorm for they see a giant flash of light coming up from the ground. Locke (and the audience) knows what it is and plans on avoiding it. Uh oh. Miles has a nosebleed. There is a scream and Sawyer cocks his gun and investigates. The scream is Claire giving her baby and Kate is there to help deliver it. This is a scene from Season One. One of the most emotional episodes in the show actually when Boone dies and Aaron is born. Despite now having the fourth birth on this show (Doubles count), this scene is amazing because Josh Halloway (Sawyer) is truly phenomenal in the scene when he is able to see Kate again. That was powerful silent acting. Yet a flash occurs again and Sawyer is once again alone. Seriously great stuff.

Yet why look at past Kate when we have present Kate. She’s being a total creeper by waiting for Dracula to come out of his building so she can follow him to the mysterious client. Silly Dracula can’t come out in the daylight. Jack decides to tag team after she says that someone wants Aaron.

Back on the island, Locke asks Sawyer what he saw. Since Sawyer won’t answer his question, Locke decides to talk about the light. Do you remember this? Another fantastic scene on LOST was in that episode. When Boone fell in that drug plane he was badly wounded. Locke picked up him and dropped him off to Jack and then disappeared. During the whole time when Jack was trying to save Boone, Locke was at the hatch, which wasn’t opened yet. He was banging on it and begging for a sign. Then he finally got it. A giant beam of light came out of the small window. Sawyer asks Locke the important question of why didn’t he go and warn himself of the pain to come. Where he was lost throughout season two. Locke said that he needed the pain to get where he is now. I really liked that response because Locke wasn’t there for Faraday’s explanation of how you can’t change the past so this was a genuine reason.

Miles gets another nose bleed and tells Faraday. Faraday freaks and gives a theory that it may about how long people have spent on the island. Miles brings up that he has only been there for a week or two and everyone else has been here for months and years. Ding ding ding! Miles is totally Chang’s baby. Yet that means Charlotte has been there even longer. Hmmmm. Sawyer is happy that the camp is back but is sad that all of the Dharma beer is gone. He calls for Rose and Bernard who—oh yeah. They’re missing. Kinda forgot about them. So everyone is missing including Vincent the dog. (Fun fact the producers of the show had a podcast last week where they decided to give one spoiler. They said there is only one character that they promise with absolutely be alive for every episode and that’s Vincent.) Also the Zodiac Faraday boat is missing too. Miles thinks that maybe everyone left because of who came in on those long boats. Then the gang realizes that the longer boats are coming to win us and that they should hold onto the shore. That didn’t happen, but it would have happened if I wrote for LOST. They do investigate the boats and Faraday notices that they look old. Sawyer finds an Ajira Airways water bottle. Juliet says that they are based out of India. 

Now this is interesting for ABC has been running commercials for Ajira Airways a couple times this season. It’s not a real airline but it probably is worth noting that “Ajira” is Hindi for “island.” Not joking. My theory on why Juliet knows that and Sawyer doesn’t: I think that Richard and friends have connections with Ajira. Back in Season Three when Kate and Sawyer were kidnapped by the Others, they were forced to make a runway. For an Ajira plane perhaps? Anywho, Locke suggests taking one of the longer boats to sail off towards The Orchid. Miles is complaining about having to row, which is understandable. Juliet and Sawyer have a heart-felt moment about seeing Kate. Sawyer gives the great line (Not the best of the night though) of “time travel’s a bitch.” Yet they are interrupted by people on a longer boat who is shooting at them. Who are they? I have no idea. I think it could be ironic if it’s the Oceanic 6 and they are currently in the future but I have no idea why they would be shooting. Seriously what enemies do we have left? Everyone rows very quickly. Sawyer’s oar gets shot and Juliet starts shooting at them. The flash starts and Sawyer screams a thank you to God. They flash to a stormy night and Sawyer now delivers the line of the night “I take that back!”

Meanwhile Kate and Jack are still stalking in 2008. They make it to the hotel room. The door opens and it’s CLAIRE’S MOM! That would have been really shocking if that wasn’t in the Previous On LOST. Jack decides to go up to the hotel room and talk to Claire’s mom, who I assume has a name. Hey it’s raining there too. It’s raining everywhen this episode. Claire’s mom is happy to see Jack but is kinda confused on how he knows where she is. Jack starts trying to convince her not to sue, but Claire’s mom is confused. Turns out she’s not trying to get Aaron back but just wants some more Oceanic money. That could have been a really fun sitcom moment when Jack stumbles over lines but alas. This show isn’t stupid.

Meanwhile Ben and Sayid are having fun car talk. It appeared they were midway through the alphabet game when Ben asked why Sayid tried to protect Hurley. Sayid just wanted to make sure Hurley was safe. They drive into a garage and see Dracula who hands Ben some documents. He says that Hurley will be free within the morning. We see the outside of Ben’s van and it says on it “Canton Rainier” which I’m sure all of you just realized is an anagram for “reincarnation.”

Back on the island, the gang reaches the shore and they are all very tired. They don’t know where on the island they are or really when they are. Juliet tries to get Sawyer to open up some more. Sawyer once again shows fantastic acting when he talks about how didn’t go up and talk to Kate when he saw her. “What’s done is done.” I don’t think he truly believes Faraday’s science explanation of how you can’t change the past. I think he just couldn’t bring himself to talk to her again. Juliet starts to bleed through the nose and Sawyer just looks away in sadness showing how doomed he really feels. Meanwhile Charlotte finds a bunch of recent wreckage. What? There’s French writing on one of the boxes? I wonder what that could mean.

Sure enough we see a really cool looking raft holding a bunch of French people. They find a body lying in the middle of the ocean. He’s lying facedown on a piece of wood. They turn him over and see that it’s our good buddy Jin! He’s alive!

Back near another body of water, Jack and Kate meet up on the dock to meet up with everyone. Jack explains to her why he met up with her today. Before they can ponder on who’s after them, Ben shows up and Kate is pissed to see him. Why doesn’t everyone love Ben the way I do? Jack reminds Kate that Ben’s cool and here to help. Kate seems skeptical and figures out that Ben is the one who’s trying to take Aaron. He admits it because he’s awesome. Kate starts to argue with him, but Sun and Aaron shows up. (For all of you playing at home that’s five out of the Oceanic 6.) She’s got a gun and gets out of the car to try and kill Ben. She better now.

Meanwhile back in the 1980s, Jin wakes up on the island. He sees one of the French guys listening to the numbers being played over and over again on a recording which is what made them crash on the island. A cute French chick who’s pregnant talks English to Jin and they exchange names. He says he’s Jin and she says she’s Danielle Rousseau. Boo-yah.

That’s right, we’re going to learn about what happened to Rousseau and her people. We know the following things. She will give birth to Alex on the island. The rest of her team will get “sick” and also a dude named Montand will lose an arm. Rousseau will change the radio broadcast to a distress call and then go to the Black Rock . Then she’ll booby-trap the island and go crazy for 16 years. Man, I can’t wait for next week. I can predict nothing but awesomeness.

Also how long does it take Desmond to get to L.A.? Jack Bauer would have been there within ten minutes.


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