Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I'm Up To...

Hello everyone,

This has been quite the exciting summer for me. I drove to Texas to see family, I drove back and then I drove to Montana for a vacation with friends. I've been having a blast interning at the Heartland Film Festival working with the shorts programming. Now the exciting news is that I've accepted a seasonal position at Heartland doing more of the same thing. Now they're paying me to do something I was already doing for free. Hey, I didn't say they were geniuses at business, but I very much appreciate it.

This position lasts until the beginning of November. During this time I shall be figuring out what I can do to move to London at the end of the year. The dream has always been to work in television and I can't help but notice but they make really great shows over there. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile there is still plenty I will be doing here. I still will be writing articles for The Film Yap. I shall be going to GenCon and will write about that for the Yap. I'll be attending BoucherCon in October with The Crum Creek Press where we'll sell a bunch of new books (none I made) and old books (ones I made!). Also we're trying to revive the podcast And the Nominees Are...

I'm also going to try and write more fiction. I'm working on a bunch of short films and television pilots offline, but I will try to post some sketches and other humorous stuff on the blog.

I was going to repost all of my Film Yap articles today, but that's too much hassle. If you are curious about what I've written in the past two months here you go:

Last thing because I obviously have way too much free time, I've developed a Doctor Who marathon/contest that is currently going on. Visit for all the information. It's not too late to start!

Thank you everyone for your support and for reading this thing! I shall be updating more frequently again, I promise.

And for reading this far, here's an awesome picture of a Dalek cosplaying as The Doctor:

--Austin Lugar