Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mystery Authors on Twitter

Now I am a big fan of the movie blog /Film. They are very fast and very informative with all sorts of movie news. They have a reoccurring story on their blog where they attempt to have a definitive list of all the celebrities that are on Twitter. Now for all of you who don’t know yet, Twitter is like a blog but you only have 140 characters to write something. It can be quite entertaining when you have someone like Jason Reitman giving updates on post-production of his new movie or comedian Michael Ian Black giving brief jokes.

Yet you know who Twitter really seems made for? No not boring teenagers who think updates like “I’m b0red!!!4!” are insightful. Writers! And who are the best kind of writers? Mystery writers! So here I am to try and do what /Film did, but with mystery writers. Now obviously I am missing people; I tried my darndest to get everyone so if you have more links for me, just put them in the comment field and I’ll update this whenever I have new names.

Mystery Authors

Jeff Abbott

Megan Abbott

Susan Wittig Albert

Tasha Alexander

Donna Andrews

Elspeth Antonelli

Suzanne Arruda

Sandi Ault

Deb Baker

Lorna Barrett

Lorraine Bartlett

Laura Benedict

Maggie Bishop

Nash Black

Stephen Booth

Rhys Bowen

Kylie Brant

Carl Brookins

Don Bruns

Julia Buckley

Alafair Burke

Jan Burke

Laura Caldwell

Bill Cameron

Chester Campbell

Sean Chercover

Lee Child

Douglas Clegg

Harlan Coben

Jeff Cohen

Meredith Cole

Kate Collins

Bill Crider

Marlis Day

Jeffery Deaver

Kyra Davis

Robert Dugoni

Carola Dunn

Barry Eisler

Christa Faust

Margaret Fenton

Jasper Fforde

Joseph Finder

John Gilstrap

Lee Goldberg

Chris Grabenstein

Andrew Gross

Allan Guthrie

Timothy Hallinan

Erin Hart

Libby Fischer Hellmann

David Hewson

Steve Hockensmith

Julie Hyzy

Sue Ann Jaffarian

Peter James

J.A. Konrath

Harley Jane Kozak

Vicki Lane

Victoria Laurie

Joyce Lavene

Debra Lee

Austin Lugar

C.J. Lyons

Debbi Mack

G.M. Malliet

Craig McDonald

F.M. Meredith

Stuart Neville

Alan Orloff

Sara Paretsky

Ann Parker

Ridley Pearson

Jason Pinter

Neil Plakcy

Ian Rankin

Christopher Ransom

Deanna Raybourn

Kathy Reichs

J.D. Rhoades

Emilie Richards

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Marcus Sakey

Tom Schreck

Lisa Scottoline

Carole Shmurak

Joanna Campbell Slan

Alexandra Sokoloff

Beth Solheim

Kelli Stanley

Jason Starr

Patricia Stoltey

Leann Sweeney

Duane Swierczynski

Terri Thayer

Lisa Unger

Stephen White

Simon Wood

More Awesome Mystery People

Busted Flush Press

Criminal Minds

David J. Montgomery

In Cold Blog

Jon Jordan

Minotaur Books

Murder By the Book

Mystery Dawg

Mystery Bookstore

The Mystery Company

Poisoned Pen

Sarah Weinman

Soho Press

I know what some of you may be thinking. Am I really an author? Since BoucherCon is being silly and calling me one, I’ll stick with it. Now remember, whenever you find another mystery author on Twitter or you find a link that doesn’t work leave me a comment or shoot me an email.